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Kaunteya’s Majestic Byah Collection

Kaunteya’s Majestic Byah Collection


Each of Kaunteya’s collection conveys the magnificent beauty of Indian art, culture, history, and mythology to the globe, enriching it with its seductive charm and depth.

Byah is a customised dinnerware collection by Kaunteya, a luxury tableware maker. This magnificent tableware collection manifests the centuries-old Rajasthani craft of ‘Phad’.

Kaunteya has utilised Phad in the Byah series to depict the beautiful ceremonies of Indian weddings.

The Byah Collection is the ideal tableware for the forthcoming wedding and holiday season. Indian weddings are joyful gatherings characterised by a riot of colours.

Although the brand used black and gold to narrate story, the colours black and gold represent mystery and knowledge, respectively. This one-of-a-kind collection complements every dining table decor. It provides a distinctive touch and instantly gives the place a distinct personality.

Furthermore, the brand takes you on an incredible journey to the heart of Rajasthan with Byah. Phad art is a 700-yearold Rajasthani tradition that has been passed down through generations within a single family.

Phad means “fold” in the local tongue. Phad, as the name implies, is a type of scroll art that tells intricate religious stories. Phad dinnerware elicits emotions, creates feelings, and oozes personality.



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