Home Project Profile Antica Ceramica launches Green Tile Colour collection
Antica Ceramica launches Green Tile Colour collection

Antica Ceramica launches Green Tile Colour collection


Featuring their most recent Green Tile Colour series, Antica Ceramica elevates interior designs with calm, nature-inspired accents and adaptable use.

Prominent tile manufacturer in India, Antica Ceramica, is thrilled to announce the release of their newest line, the Green Tile Colour collection. This new collection of tiles offers a clean, serene, and fashionable look to satisfy the growing trend of mixing elements inspired by nature into home designs.

As a revitalising colour that adds a hint of nature to a variety of home areas, green tiles have become a top trend in interior design. These tiles create a tranquil and serene atmosphere while making a powerful statement in bathrooms, living rooms, and flooring options. This trend is a reflection of the growing desire of designers and homeowners to incorporate natural elements into interior spaces to improve well-being and beauty.

The Green Tile Colour collection by Antica Ceramica includes tiles with several hues of green, each of which is associated with a different set of activities, feelings, and emotions. These UV- and slip-resistant tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, combining remarkable strength with a smooth texture. Because of this, they are excellent for high-traffic locations as they offer both durability and safety. These tiles, which measure 600 by 1200 mm and have a thickness of 10 mm, provide any project a distinctive and refined appearance. The non-slip textures make any area both aesthetically pleasing and useful by striking the ideal mix between use and appearance.

“Green walls have the power to genuinely define your individual taste and style,” says Antica Ceramica Director Rahul Bhugra. They make great focal points in any space because they are flexible and go well with a variety of aesthetics. Stress levels can be lowered by using greenery since it can convey a sense of peace and nature indoors. Consider including green tiles in your design scheme if you want to add some colour or make the space feel calmer.”

Green tiles in bathrooms have a calming, opulent vibe that is reminiscent of natural spa settings. Green is a relaxing colour that works well in places because it relates to peace and rejuvenation. The Green Tile Colour line from Antica Ceramica turns regular bathrooms into tranquil havens.

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