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Bohemian beachside charm with Victorian elegance

Bohemian beachside charm with Victorian elegance


Blanca is a vibrant 2500 square foot café and resto bar that offers a unique experience of classic architecture and contemporary architectural features. It is located in central New Delhi and combines Victorian beauty with bohemian beach charm.

Located in the centre of New Delhi, Blanca is a dynamic and roomy Double Height Floor Café + Resto Bar that exudes charm via its unique fusion of traditional Victorian architectural details and a carefree boho seaside style. This distinctively designed 2500 square foot facility radiates an eclectic style with a strong focus on organic elements and nature, celebrating free-spirited creativity.

Blanca’s inherent charm is highlighted by a magnificent big French window that floods the entire room with natural light and exudes an inviting atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Blanca’s ground level is a well crafted symphony of design components. It elegantly contains the main kitchen, a thoughtfully positioned coffee bar and a sophisticated L-shaped stairway that leads to the first floor’s enchanted areas.

Visitors to Blanca are greeted with an arresting visual experience as soon as they enter the lengthy kitchen wall is covered in magnificent artwork by House of Berserk. The entire restaurant’s heartfelt visual identity is derived from this artwork, which is a tribute to pastel colors and organic, free-spirited patterns. The coffee counter’s clever design and thoughtful placement create a lovely contrast with the organic shapes that grace the kitchen wall by introducing a fascinating play of verticality with distinct tile lines.

With careful curation, the ground level sitting arrangement maximiser the amount of circulation space. Step features adorning the cushions beneath the ledge seating blends in perfectly with planters, loose four-seaters, sofas, and lounge seating, offering an abundance of options to suit a wide range of customer preferences.

A striking feature of the bottom floor is a pastel olive-green metal stairway that elegantly divides a partition wall to indicate the entrance to the first story. Ascending to the first floor, visitors are treated to a feast for the senses. The focal point of the design is the bar counter, which is covered in marble and tiles and has an alluring array of textures and patterns. A refined elegance is created by the step-in vaults in the ceiling that split the expanse into four pieces, each of which houses Victorian chandeliers.

The first floor’s seating arrangement, which offers a varied assortment of seating options, is centres around the bar. Planter ledges surrounding the staircase add a little greenery, giving the upper floor a revitalising and organic look.

Blanca emerges as a creative and sensory refuge with its tasteful fusion of Victorian beauty and boho seaside influences. It invites guests to immerse themselves in a setting where modern and classic blend seamlessly, and each painstakingly designed element adds to a remarkable dining and socialising experience. Blanca is a voyage into a universe where artistic conventions are bent and disparate components come together to weave a singularly exquisite and sophisticated fabric.



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