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Cozy home interior tips for this winter season

Cozy home interior tips for this winter season


Principal Architect Robin Sisodiya, ASRO Arcade offers some novel ways in which you can create a warm and cheerful interiors in your home this winter season

The onset of winter calls for hibernating worthy warm home interiors. A snug and comfortable ambience after the festive season brings a relaxing vibe to the space. One can uplift their home interiors without major renovation by adding small tweaks to the residence that puts forth tasteful aesthetics while ensuring schematic functionality. The following tips by Robin Sisodiya, Principal Designer at ASRO ARCADE will help you create a sensational space this season!

Incorporate shag accents:
Bring the 70s antique design authenticity to the space by incorporating shag hues. These are efficient in bringing a homely touch to a welcoming home! Throwing in carpets, blankets, or accent pillows to the living room can accentuate the furnishings for a comfortably elegant interior look.

Scented candles:
Introduce scented candles or diffusers to humidify the space. Scents like lemongrass, cinnamon, lavender, or sweet vanilla add a congenial feel to the home. Along with adding a warm fragrance, invest in a candle holder that looks aesthetic when decorated on the tabletop. Using it as a part of a centrepiece further accentuates the space while giving the room a central focus.

Add textiles to the tables:
A runner or table mat highlights the aesthetic appeal of the room. They not only protect the furnishings from helping avoid stains on the table but also brings a contrasting hue to the interior. With winters on the way, these also bring an inviting feel to the designated spaces with unexposed surfaces to touch.

Use soft lights:
Home decor in the winter calls for a warm ambience! Playing with a soft accent and pendant lights adds to the aesthetic of the space. One can easily use warm white lights and enliven up the rooms. With longer nights, ensure to light up corners for an interesting interplay of light & shadow that further offers a dynamic lift to the room.

In addition to these tips by ASRO ARCADE, one can also bring warm intimacy to the space by throwing in rugs, adding green hues by incorporating indoor plants, upgrading to neutral-hued curtains that match the colour scheme, and last but not least putting lamps.

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