Home Project Profile Curio cottage is a floral haven of feminine heritage
Curio cottage is a floral haven of feminine heritage

Curio cottage is a floral haven of feminine heritage


A contemporary space that graces the modern merchandise stage of the design.

Tucked into a clever corner, of a retail hub lies the Curio Cottage Boutique, a store for imitation jewellery inspired by India’s rich heritage of design and artisanry. Set up as a brand three generations ago in 1971, and they have expanded by opening their fourth outlet at the luxury shopping destination Phoenix Palladium in South Bombay. Unlike their previous establishments, the design intends to offer the brand’s elegant collection to diverse audience segments.

On the one hand, the store’s vital location acts as an intersection of the two passageways, providing maximum visual accessibility. Conversely, a Starbucks cafe across from the store facilitates footfall improvement. Aiming to be completed within a short timeline, the design approach that has been adopted is clean and dynamic.

The design scheme optimises space constraints via strategic circulation and balances aesthetics with contrasting design elements. The goal of the design intervention has been to elevate the exhibit by showcasing variety in a confined area. This 400-square-foot plan includes one cash counter, nine showcase units, and two island counters meticulously designed to showcase a wide range of jewellery. Adhering to the company’s reputation, the spatial experience is “non-prototypical” in essence.

A peachy pink wall backdrop in cloudy grains states the 50-year brand legacy, while intricate carvings bring relevance to the charming heritage that Curio Cottage stands for. Alongside the hand-painted firm timeline, the floral illustrations on the walls represent the celebratory values of the brand, which are “for women, of women, by women”. 

The entryway is visually expanded by eliminating the doors of this retail space, clearing any barrier between the visitor and the display. The flooring is a subdued terrazzo tile, and mirrors behind the reception area create the illusion of a larger space. The 34-foot-long outer running facade is integrated with the branded collateral and exhibits to enhance the window-shopping pursuit. Contemporary-style free-standing cabinets are engineered with sleek shelves carrying mannequins of necklaces and elaborate earring pieces with storage drawers.

Lighting as a design element has been employed via a combination of linear and spotlights, favouring the overall purpose of jewellery assessment and selection. Generic track lights aid the overall space, and the focus lights focus one’s attention on selected items. To avoid the cut shadows from the floral bed on the ceiling, the ceiling is jointly illuminated with adequate up-lighters.

An amalgamation of the client’s vision of expanding their footprint and design inspiration from pastry salons in Paris, Curio Cottage Boutique is a vibrant, chic, and contemporary space that graces the modern merchandise stage of design.


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