Home Décor Ellementry Unveils a Range of Sustainable Kitchenware
Ellementry Unveils a Range of Sustainable Kitchenware

Ellementry Unveils a Range of Sustainable Kitchenware


The Sustainable Kitchenware was launched to Commemorate Ellementary’s Third Anniversary.

 Lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry has made an impressive mark in a short span with its impeccably handcrafted products. Celebrating simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs, Ellementry offers a refined way to living. Ellementry celebrates three glorious years of blending a sustainable mix of earth and tradition-inspired ware for modern kitchens. The brand has launched a series of products as part of their special birthday celebration to commemorate this occasion! The range includes the following products:

Canny Storage Bins: Ellementry has developed three oval-shaped galvanized iron storage bins for storing staple vegetables, i.e. onion, potato and garlic. These storage bins come with a wooden lid. The holes near the bottom make these storage barrels airy and let the vegetable breathe. Ergonomically designed to hold its shape, this storage barrel will sit well in your cabinet or on the kitchen shelf.

Foursquare Containers with Wooden Lid: Bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen with this foursquare tea container made of galvanized iron. The square shape gives it a contemporary look and uses less space on the kitchen counter. The engraved wooden lid is airtight and perfect for keeping your tealeaves, coffee powder, beans, and sugar fresh.

Crown Bottle with Glass Tumbler: Best to keep it at nightstands or on the study table. This Crown glass bottle serves to be your perfect companion. This bottle comes with a colorful tumbler matching with the bottle stopper.

Dewy Glass Jug: This water jug is made of hand-blown glass. Its glass body shows which beverage is being served, and its wooden lid will not let the water spill and not let any unwanted material like dust and flying insects fall inside the jug. This glass jug is ideal for all occasions and all different cold beverages.

Aura Cutlery Set: This cutlery set in silver matt finish is handcrafted from the finest stainless steel by skilled artisans. The food-safe silver matt finish adds a festive gleam to your serving. Along with serving spoons and dining cutlery, this collection also includes a cake serving set of two. This makes it ideal for creating a festive tablescape and provides a timeless appeal to your everyday dining.

Upper Crust Dinnerware Set: An extensive yet exclusive range of dinnerware collections in ceramic, wood and glass is inspired by nature. Beautifully handcrafted by artisans, the floral motif engraved on the wood and ceramic and etched on the glass makes this collection a piece of functional art. Apart from design, what makes this dinnerware collection unique is its extensiveness. Along with the usual dinner plate, side plates, serving bowls and small bowls in ceramic, it also has a hand-carved wooden roti box, cutlery stand with napkin holder, and an itched glass cloche with wooden platter. This creative fusion of ceramic, wood and glass makes this collection apt for the upcoming festive season.

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