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Modern Bliss with a Delicate Touch of Sophistication

Modern Bliss with a Delicate Touch of Sophistication


Transpired as an abode to unwind and relax, The Solitarius at Magnolia resonates with the homeowner’s notion of a sanctuary—a space that is imbibed with warmth, richness and comfort.

Designed as a simplistic yet contemporary apartment for a family of four, this home in the heart of suburban NCR reflects the owners’ design sensibilities of simple, sleek and linear spaces with a touch of luxury. The 4500sq.ft residence is conceptualized in layers of contemporary elements crafting expansive spaces that offer seclusion, privacy, and the main stage for entertaining guests.

Responding to the brief of modern and simple living, the spatial arrangement has been reconfigured to provide an open-plan floor plate that optimizes free-flowing spaces and offers expansive
views of the golf course. Upon entering the residence, a bespoke metal jaali has been installed in the passage that leads to the drawing room. This sophisticated incorporation successfully
directs the user’s movement and piques a sense of interest before opening up the space entirely; textures, tones, and colours work in tandem to provide that ultimate flair to the space.

The living space takes centre stage with textured wallpaper and wall panels that are amalgamated with metal detailing as the backdrop—creating a balanced architectural vocabulary of modern and sophisticated living. With high, off-white ceilings, the space flows freely and opens up, flanked by the view of the golf course on one side and the DLF Horizon Centre with Golf Course Road on
the other. The informal seating area consists of a bar counter to entertain guests and conduct events.

Transitioning seamlessly, the drawing and dining room are open, airy and flooded with natural light. The division between the spaces has been expressed through the variation in ceiling heights
and the material used. Antique mirror panels adorn the dining room wall, giving the area an infinite depth. The metal detailing on the mirror framework aligns with the metal jaali at the
entrance passage, adding a touch of finesse and refined aesthetics to the space. A glass chandelier suspended over the dining table adds drama to the room.

Seamlessly crafted in subtle and bespoke elements, this home is reinterpreted as a space that reflects the client’s personality. In this nestled sanctuary, the family can take refuge after a long day and unwind with sprawling vistas. Moreover, when needed, the space can be unveiled as a social space for friends and family over the weekends. Cosy corners among formal and informal seating have been carved out at various points throughout the house to give each family member space to relax and rejuvenate, enabling privacy yet communal spaces. The Solitarius is the perfect blend of harmonious textures and materials in use. Luxury has been redefined using spanning design and earthy tones.



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