Home Project Profile Modern minimalist design with a sense of comfort
Modern minimalist design with a sense of comfort

Modern minimalist design with a sense of comfort


With an excellent balance of materiality and visual aesthetic, the house elevates elegant modern living.

Clover House is an exceptional example of metropolitan living in India. This 18,000-square-foot home rises three stories in the heart of South Delhi’s upscale neighbourhood.

At DFI, our design exudes a sense of openness and comfort in a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. The concept behind the design of the house is luxury in simplicity, spaciousness, interconnected, and airy. With high ceilings, expansive spaces, and well-lit rooms, it embodies the sensibilities of elegant living.

The living room is large and amply spaced with a classic modern look. Spatially, it is connected with the terrace and the dining space, but the furniture alignment skillfully segregates them into separate areas. Door frames, coffee tables, and the dining table are designed in deep, rich wood tones, adding warmth to this setting.

In line with the aesthetics of the common spaces, the bedrooms are also designed to be minimalist and contemporary. Elements of the bedroom, like curtains, fabrics, and headboards, play a vital role in creating a lively space. Further, the colour schemes of the bedrooms seamlessly flow into the bathrooms, maintaining the purity of colours on each floor.

Every room is custom-designed to meet the requirements of its inhabitants. Children’s rooms are styled, keeping in mind their needs and accessibility. Master bedrooms have spacious wardrobes and are tastefully done in subdued tones of white or grey. Here, statement seating has been used to add vibrancy to an otherwise serene space.

The design programme of the house gives importance to functionality in all its rooms. All windows in the house are triple-glazed and soundproof, deflecting sound from the adjoining main road and eliminating the need to add grills. Further, all air conditioning units are concealed with automated ducts to maintain fresh air flow. A generous utility area has been provided alongside the kitchen. The house’s exterior embodies elegance using beige natural stone as the primary material. Terrace gardens on all floors animate the facade of the house.

A testament to modern design, Clover House underpins its family’s everyday needs with purposeful planning. The interior decor and furnishings create opportunities for conversation and tell stories of the home and its inhabitants. The house elevates elegant modern living with its excellent balance of materiality and visual aesthetic.



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