Home Project Profile Rejuvenating a happy home through simplicity and elegance
Rejuvenating a happy home through simplicity and elegance

Rejuvenating a happy home through simplicity and elegance


The Envisage Architects have curated an inviting home with indoor plants, fresh colours and cosy furnishings that reflect the family’s aspiration for lots of sunlight, clean spaces and a healthy vibe. 

Located in Wembley Estate, a massive township in Gurugram, the Goel residence’s interiors are designed to create a stimulating and cheerful environment. With two young children, the family aspired for a space with lots of sunlight, clean spaces and a healthy vibe. With this goal, the architects have curated a pleasant and revitalising home with indoor plants, fresh colours and cosy furnishings. 

 The apartment has four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an attached terrace and a dining cum lounge space. The architects have placed the TV in a comfortable lounge adjacent to the dining room, keeping the living room as an inviting seating area. Two bedrooms have attached balconies, and the architects have transformed the master bedroom’s balcony into a deep bay window. Based on Vaastu principles of planning, the lobby and the front door are widened, and a toilet in the centre of the house is removed to make space for a walk-in closet.

As one enters the house, they are greeted by the spacious entrance lobby. Adorned with a deep teal colour on the sidewall and ceramic motif tiles for flooring, the lobby sets a vibrant tone for the entire house. The living room has a bright teal sofa paired with other seating units that are made of wood and furnished in muted shades. Only a colourful wallpaper on the opposite side of the sofa balances its bold colour, with the rest of the room designed in neutral, earthy tones.

A semi-open arched cane partition between the living room and the dining-cum-lounge space ensures privacy and, at the same time, allows the flexibility to merge the spaces. Adjoining the living room is a pooja area with shutters that can open and close per the inhabitants’ needs. Elements like rugs and full-length curtains add warmth to the space. The design induces a comforting and lively atmosphere with pastel shades of peach and teal, wooden furniture and indoor palm plants.

The master bedroom carries the airy, refreshing vibe of the rest of the house, where neutral-toned furniture is paired with a bold and coloured element. Here, a teal Sabyasachi wallpaper forms the backdrop for the bed. A bay window, deep enough for a person to lounge, brings in a generous amount of natural light. The flooring is done in wood-textured vitrified tiles. Lightweight charcoal panels in a deeper wood tone further accentuate the overall cosiness in this space. 

 In the children’s bedroom, the architects have transformed the balcony into an extended play area with an extensive three-sided corner window bringing in plenty of natural light. In addition, some cabinet surfaces are interestingly incorporated with blackboards. The clutter-free design and simplicity of forms and colours characterise a well-lit, cheerful, and clean abode. Rather than combining expensive furniture and decor elements, the design symbolises the home as a happy and healthy dwelling place. 


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