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A sense of grandeur with conventional decor

A sense of grandeur with conventional decor


Micro-luxury creates a beautiful atmosphere with elegance and style.

Micro luxury is a trend that continues to gain popularity, adding a generous layer of refinement and paying close attention to the finer details of any space. With micro luxury, you can create a beautiful atmosphere with any style or theme without splurging since it emphasises the importance of even the most minor elements. In addition, it adds sophistication and extravagance to any room, from bathrooms to living rooms to kitchens, adding a sense of grandeur to the home that can’t be replicated with other, more conventional decor.

Applying this in our homes means focusing on the little details. Good design is all about the little details that bring character and visual interest to a decor space, adding the right curated accessories and accents that add a layer of luxury to the area, and paying particular attention to the lighting by incorporating both natural and artificial lighting. Uplighting and downlighting are done using crystal pendants, chandeliers, candles, and lanterns.

The accessories chosen should be of good quality and fit the space. Accents like vases, trays, sculptures, throws, candles, and cushions add texture. One can even consider texture when selecting wall art, rugs, and wallpaper to give it a look and feel of luxury living, and arrange pieces like sofas and chairs in a curve rather than directly facing each other for an inviting and refined lounge feel. Ultimately, your home should reflect your style, with personal touches here and there to create a luxurious look and feel that reflects you.

Another great example is the use of technology to elevate the bathroom. Technology can make the bathroom look more sophisticated and modern. For example, install an intelligent showerhead that can inform you of the exact water temperature and pressure or a connected music system that you can use to listen to relaxing music while showering. In addition, incorporate lighting automation to provide different decor lighting moods, such as a warm and cosy lighting setting for comfortable baths. With these modern touches, your bathroom can look beautiful and luxurious.

From selecting colour schemes and furnishings to curating home accessories, it’s essential to bring elegance and design to space through the right choices. When all the pieces fall into place with a sense of balance and harmony. It creates an atmosphere of luxury and style that genuinely adds to the story of the space.


Credits for Pictures: 
Designer: Gaurang Chawle @gjassociates07
Photographer: @studio_sp_photography
For more info visit : https://www.wallsandthings.com/


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