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Transforming vacant spaces into an elegant landscape

Transforming vacant spaces into an elegant landscape


Skylights are the new favourite and are becoming a popular trend since adding beauty to your room by bringing in natural light.

Priya Malik, Co-Founder of Urban Living Studio, speaks about landscaping designs and elucidates the importance of façade in today’s lifestyle.

To sculpt a beautiful landscape, what type of space should be available?

Any space can be nicely planned to transform into a beautiful landscape: balconies, front lawns, backyards, double-height areas. Also terraces of all sizes. Space planning and using suitable materials with the appropriate amount of green are the key factors in building any space. Transforming any vacant space in the house with landscaping brings positivity and peace and is suitable for mental health in today’s urban lifestyle.


Does this mean it is ideally suited to individual properties with ample space?

We believe in adding landscape to all houses, as it is equally important for everybody, not just individual properties. Since the pandemic, people have realised the importance of open spaces, plants, and nature, and there has been a rapid growth in the requirement for home landscaping. Every household deserves and should have its own landscape areas on balconies, terraces, lawns, or backyards.

We are scaling up cities, and yet there is no landscaping. What are the alternatives for urbanites who live in such homes?

People have started putting indoor air-purifying plants, transforming their terraces into gardens, and growing their herbs and vegetables in the last2-3 years after the pandemic, which has led to an increase in the demand for landscaping in city homes. Households are developing a new interest in gardening. The government has also started changing and adding greenery to the city’s open spaces and adding plants with good landscape planning.

How important is a building’s facade in adding character and personality and protecting it from external influences?

Building facades have become the most critical factor in today’s homes. It is the house’s first impression and is unquestionably one of the top three things to consider when building a house. Old paint-finish facades have been replaced by modern cladding, which can be used according to the house’s theme, which can be modern, classical, or luxurious. These claddings add character and texture and protect the structure from extreme weather conditions like UV rays, rain, etc., making them more durable.

A building’s facade could be made more energy-efficient using suitable materials. What are the best materials to use when designing afacade?

Many new materials have been introduced in the last few years that give great aesthetics to the facade and help protect it. Some of them are laminas, HPL claddings, WPC claddings, slim vitrified tiles, etc. They can all be used in different combinations and proportions to achieve the desired look.

In areas where we need to deflect sunlight and keep the indoors cool, what design measures should be taken in terms of creating a building envelope?

A designer or architect should be well aware of the directions in which the house is located and also the type of plot area. Keeping these things and the client’s design taste in mind, the planning should be done. Also, we try to bring in an abundance of natural light in the house with good cross ventilation by placing doors and windows in the right spots, which helps keep indoors cool and ventilated.


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