Home Project Profile Ukiyo: Fostering Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Stillness
Ukiyo: Fostering Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Stillness

Ukiyo: Fostering Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Stillness


Envisage Architects design a plush three-bedroom apartment spread across 1500 sq.ft in Gurugram 

Houses that we design and inhabit often evolve from a thought or a fraction of an inspiration. This particular project evolved through a situation. The pandemic! It changed the dynamics of everything around us, even the way we perceive and design our homes.

This post-pandemic weekend home, Ukiyo, is the perfect getaway from the city and its sprint of a lifestyle that most of us have developed into living. As the name suggests, this house is a space dedicated for relaxation and rejuvenation away from the chaos of life. It is designed for a family comprising of professionals from varied fields such as medicine and technology. 

Located in Gurugram, this 1500 sq.ft. house is a plush three-bedroom apartment oriented North-East in a housing society. The house breathes an ample amount of natural light because of its orientation and wide UPVC openings, elevating the interiors. Moreover, every room has a balcony overlooking the gardens of the society.

Driven by the idea of sanitization and safety, the servant room right at the entrance of the house was replaced as a sanitization room. As one enters, he can clean himself up and then move ahead. The living room opens into the terrace, looking out at the greens around, making the space look bigger and connected to nature.

The occupants of this house are all working professionals who are extremely busy throughout the day.  Considering that, the study room is in the heart of the house alongside the puja room. This helps keep an eye around the house even while working. The multipurpose and dining areas act as a prominent buffer in the private and public zones of the house. The dining area is a classic example of space optimization. Clinging against a wall, the sofa on one side of the dining table allows saving space as opposed to chairs on all four sides. This also enables the passage leading from the living room to the bedrooms to remain clear and spacious. The passage leads straight to the master bedroom clustered with the other two bedrooms. 

Light and colour play an essential role in this house. The crux of the purpose of this house lies in creating a break from the everyday lives of the occupants. The house needed to reflect a sense of temporary detachment. With bright colours and curated lighting, the architects could balance a sense of plush and earthiness in the house’s decor. Blue played a vital role in the interiors. Highlights of this colour can be noticed either on the carpets or on the furniture or even drapes. A dash of colours like mauve, beige and coral balances the monotony. The master bedroom has an extent of mauve matched with blue chairs and a beige wall finish. A sunflower theme inspired the kids’ bedroom; there is a mix of bright yellow and beige on the upholstery, furniture, and decorative elements. The coral couch in the living room makes a bold statement of colour, subduing the pastel blue and beige wall finishes. The flooring made of pre laminated wood in certain areas and Italian marble in others, suits well with the furniture and wall finishes.  With both ambient and accent lights, high lux levels highlight these colours and give meaning to them whilst positively and collaterally impacting the occupants’ minds. 

Ukiyo is a space for rejuvenation and creates a sense of tranquilly and stillness right from the entrance. It is plushed with decor, artwork and its delicate design components in every possible detail. Amidst the sumptuous upholstery, light fixtures and panelling are beautifully hand embroidered drapes. This harmonious blend of tradition and modernity makes Ukiyo what it is- a place to live in the moment, a place where you can express your thoughts and a place where you can be free. 



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