Home Project Profile A fusion of elegance and nature with luxurious living
A fusion of elegance and nature with luxurious living

A fusion of elegance and nature with luxurious living


“Villa Ortiga’s exquisite fusion of global inspirations with a contemporary oasis of vibrancy and luxury”

A luxury urban apartment, this beautiful abode in Delhi aspires to enrich the lifestyle of its dwellers and fulfil modern residential needs. The design and a distinct visual vocabulary are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. The interiors reflect luxury, while the building emphasises incorporating greenery as much as possible.

To realise the apartment’s interiors for users seeking luxurious and eclectic living environments, Villa Ortiga adopted an exquisite approach. By preparing a lookbook and a furniture inventory, the team came up with ideas to highlight and bring out the space. While luxe, playful, and bold, the design simultaneously uses clean, straight lines, thereby arriving at the perfect balance of luxury, panache, and comfort.

This ecologically conscious design retains the existing flora on the site in the form of trees or shrubs. Further, it augments it by vertically growing the verdant ambience through planters on balconies and terrace gardens. Well-proportioned and well-ventilated, the spaces are efficiently planned, keeping in mind the principles of Vastu Shastra. They are connected suitably to enable a convenient flow between the kitchen, living area, three bedrooms, and a study lounge, each opening to a green view.

The master bedroom is embellished lavishly with art pieces, sculptures, and metallic lamps. The bed is styled with quilts and comforters of contrasting patterns and textures that go well together, and the translucent blinds coupled with opaque curtains further add to the room’s enthusiasm. The front wall facing the bed adorns a sleek wooden console with a Buddha sculpture in the centre and austere monolithic sculptures on either side. A charming seating zone has been created on one end of the room, consisting of two ornamental wood and cane armchairs, an accent table in the middle, and an opulent silver-framed mirror that bedecks the wall behind.

One of the bedrooms has been curated as a recreational and relaxation zone, wherein the wall art and the central rug embody a distinct theme revolving around black and white stripes. The area is dotted with singular sculptural elements and a light wooden console contributing to the room’s overall appearance. A stylish foldable wooden seat is positioned next to the large openable window that opens onto a balcony—the perfect zone to curl up with a book and hot coffee.

The kitchen is kept minimalistic and functional, finished with a monochromatic colour palette of oak wood juxtaposed with mirror and white lacquer finish panels and granite on the slab and walls. The warm and indirect lighting throughout the apartment brings a cosy, comfortable, and relaxed mood. The services are thoughtfully planned and strategically located in positions for convenience and practicality without disturbing the aesthetics.

In transforming this space into a fully furnished home adapted to contemporary residential requirements, Villa Ortiga has carefully curated every house element based on one cohesive theme for each room that conveys vitality and vigour. With exquisitely sourced decor—collectables from Thailand, South Africa, and Morocco; artificial flowers from Paris; and arts and prints from London—the project reaches new creative heights in luxury home design fittingly suited to contemporary lifestyles. 


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