Home Project Profile Unveiling the exquisite allure of Italian craftsmanship in India
Unveiling the exquisite allure of Italian craftsmanship in India

Unveiling the exquisite allure of Italian craftsmanship in India


“Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of MisuraEmme’s Italian craftsmanship, curated exclusively by Etreluxe, where timeless elegance meets unrivalled quality.”

Discover the enchanting allure of Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance as Etreluxe proudly showcases the newest additions to its collection in India. MisuraEmme, a renowned brand synonymous with the finest “Made in Italy” values since 1902, embarks on a new chapter by introducing their captivating Ala table and Virgin chair.

With a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to evolving expertise, MisuraEmme has established itself as a globally recognised name in the furniture industry. Now, Indian customers have the exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the exceptional design and unparalleled quality of MisuraEmme’s creations, carefully curated and made available by Etreluxe.

The Ala table, a masterpiece by the acclaimed Ferruccio Laviani and expertly handcrafted by MisuraEmme, takes centre stage as a captivating focal point in any dining area. Its design exudes timeless elegance with a subtle touch of the 50s, making it a truly remarkable piece. The table showcases a round or semi-oval top, creating an illusion of varying thickness along its border. This visually stunning effect gives the impression that the top is suspended in space, ready to take flight.

The table’s delicate and slender legs, reminiscent of aeroplane wings, reinforce its name and add to its overall charm. To enhance its allure, the Ala table now offers a new top option extending up to an impressive length of 3.1 meters. Adorned with transparent Mandarin glass, this elongated top adds an exquisite touch to the already captivating design of the Ala table. With its mesmerising presence, the Ala table truly conquers everyday living spaces.

Crafted by the talented Mauro Lipparini, the Virgin dining chair boasts a refined interplay of balances that sets it apart. Available in two versions, with or without armrests, this chair showcases a striking architectural allure. Its rear support acts as a pillar, firmly grounded on the floor and elegantly upholstered, creating a beautiful contrast with the slim metal legs at the front. The chair’s contemporary design gracefully incorporates soft lines inspired by the Fifties, resulting in a harmonious and timeless aesthetic.  


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