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A luxurious transformation of a penthouse

A luxurious transformation of a penthouse


“Design is not just about making things look beautiful; it’s about creating an experience that evokes emotion and enhances how we live.” Rishabh Kapoor & Monica Chadha – Founders & Interiors Designers, Design Deconstruct.

From the outset, the design team contemplated combining the dining area with the entertainment space to create a larger one. However, after careful consideration, they decided against it, recognising the importance of a separate sit-down dining area. With a free hand in design, the team presented 3D renders to the client, captivated by the initial concept. Encouraged by positive feedback, the designers created a cool and welcoming ambience, unafraid to embrace bold and eye-catching elements.

The flooring for the penthouse was readily available, allowing the designers to focus their attention on other aspects of the space. The low ceiling height posed a challenge, prompting the team to employ clever techniques such as incorporating discreet coves and utilising drop ceilings only when necessary for air conditioning and other conduits. To enhance the visual appeal, steel accents were added to the ceiling of the entertainment lounge, providing a captivating detail. The choice of marble and semi-precious stone for the exposed surfaces exuded elegance and durability, ensuring a timeless aesthetic. Upholstery for the furniture predominantly featured high-quality velvets and leather, adding a touch of luxury. To meet the tight deadline of just two months for the design and construction of the project, the team curated most of the light fixtures locally. A crucial consideration was balancing a completed layout and ample movement space, creating an environment that felt cohesive and spacious.

Thoughtful space planning was a key aspect of the penthouse design. Primarily intended for hosting intimate gatherings of close friends and family, the space exuded quality rather than a focus on accommodating large numbers of people. Each common area of the penthouse could comfortably entertain a maximum of 7-8 individuals. A highlight of the penthouse was the terrace, featuring a beautiful pool and a lounge area designed for relaxation. The attention to detail and emphasis on design excellence permeated every aspect of the space, ensuring a memorable experience for the occupants.

Of course, every project has its challenges, and the main hurdle faced by the design team was the limited timeframe of just two months. This included site work, furniture production, and sourcing materials. Despite this constraint, the team delivered an exceptional result that surpassed expectations.

The bar was a show-stopping element of the penthouse, inspired by a small accessory discovered in London. The bar boasted a front display of bookshelves adorned in shades of blue, adding a unique and captivating touch to the space.


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