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Modern elegance with artistic flair

Modern elegance with artistic flair


“Embracing modern sensibilities, A Square Designs blends artistry and sustainability to create timeless spaces.”

When it comes to the theme of the space, A Square Designs has embraced a modern aesthetic that exudes a clean and sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of Manhattan-style interiors. Throughout the project, the team has remained faithful to this sensibility but with a touch of experimentation in selecting art and curated furniture pieces, adding an artistic flair to the overall design.

To establish a cohesive visual experience, a neutral grey serves as the base colour palette. This allows for the introduction of vibrant shades through carefully chosen artworks, upholstery, tapestry, and lighting elements. By strategically incorporating these pops of colour, the space comes alive with energy and personality while maintaining a sleek and contemporary vibe.

The material palette employed in this project is a testament to A Square Designs’ commitment to quality and attention to detail. Natural stones, such as marble or granite, bring earthy elegance. At the same time, dark tones of walnut and oak are utilised for the furniture, adding warmth and richness to the overall composition. Luxurious velvets, sleek metals, and glass accents contribute to the overall sophistication, creating a harmonious blend of textures that engage the senses.

Sustainability and green features play a vital role in the INIA project. As a green building, the design incorporates environmentally friendly elements and practices. Automation controls the lighting and temperature, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. By dynamically adjusting the lighting levels in response to natural light inflow, the project minimises the need for excessive artificial lighting, reducing electricity consumption. Furthermore, the extensive use of large windows allows ample natural light to permeate every corner of the home, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere while reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during daylight hours.

With a focus on modern elegance and a touch of artistic experimentation, A Square Designs has successfully crafted a space that embodies sophistication and style. The design achieves a harmonious balance by utilising a neutral base colour palette complemented by vibrant accents and a carefully curated selection of materials. Moreover, integrating sustainable and green features showcases the firm’s commitment to environmentally conscious design practices.

In the INIA project, A Square Designs has created a visually stunning interior and crafted a space that aligns with the principles of sustainable living. This remarkable combination of aesthetics and functionality exemplifies the firm’s dedication to creating beautiful and environmentally responsible spaces.


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