Home Project Profile A recreation of classic space to a timeless aesthetics
A recreation of classic space to a timeless aesthetics

A recreation of classic space to a timeless aesthetics


 The space is elevated to another level of opulence and elegance with luxurious velvets, leathers, and other textiles.

Combining old-world charm and contemporary design creates a unique and inviting atmosphere in the family lounge. The use of large, folding wooden doors that open to the surrounding greenery enhances the space’s connection to nature, creating a sense of calm and relaxation.

The choice of fuchsia for the walls adds a pop of colour and vibrancy, contrasting beautifully with the wooden wall panelling and doors. The wooden floors and earthy-toned rug adds warmth and texture, making the lounge feel cosy and inviting.

Overall, Beyond Designs has successfully created a space that balances old-world charm with modern design elements while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. It’s an excellent example of how different design styles can be combined to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. 

The mix of contemporary and classical furniture in the family lounge creates a beautiful blend of styles that add to the overall elegance of the space. The use of luxurious textiles such as velvet and leather further enhances the sense of opulence in the room.

Beyond Designs Home’s careful selection of lights and décor accessories helps to add the perfect finishing touches to the lounge, completing the design and elevating its overall aesthetic. The space feels like a luxurious retreat, surrounded by wealth and tranquillity.

Sachin and Neha’s design philosophy of incorporating old-world charm into their designs to create a fusion of contemporary and timeless styles are evident in the family lounge. The use of classic furniture and traditional textiles alongside sleek modern design elements is a perfect example of their signature style.

Overall, the family lounge is a stunning example of Beyond Designs’ ability. To create luxurious yet comfortable spaces that seamlessly blend different design styles to create something unique and beautiful.


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