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Injecting spaces with a natural, ‘handcrafted’ appeal

Injecting spaces with a natural, ‘handcrafted’ appeal


This artwork is an alternative benchmark for commercial architecture in the Indian context.

Max House, developed by Max Estates, is a new corporate campus in New Delhi’s Okhla industrial area. The development comprises two multi-tenant buildings surrounded by a lush green campus to set a new standard for timeless architecture. Max Estates’ brief emphasized the need for a multi-story office building that would blend seamlessly into the landscape while reflecting. The brand’s sustainability, resilience, and environmental harmony philosophy.

The site is situated near a busy thoroughfare, across from a metro corridor, and surrounded by iconic landmarks and tourist attractions. The studio took inspiration from the context to create a unique design vocabulary for the development.

The tower features a floor-to-ceiling height of 3.75 meters, with a modulating facade designed to allow optimal daylight penetration without glare. Reducing the dependence on artificial lighting during the day. The lift and service cores with positioned at the two ends of the buildings. Creating an open rectangular floor plate that provides maximum flexibility in terms of use.

The low wall-to-window ratio of 60:40, coupled with shading spandrels to reduce solar glare. Elevates the building’s passive design parameters. The rooftop is designed to offer visitors panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and is an ideal location for events and al fresco dining. The interior design scheme incorporates exposed brickwork, glass blocks, and neutral tones of stone and veneer, creating a natural and understated elegance. The building has received a LEED Gold certification by integrating passive design principles, renewable and low-impact materials, and energy and water-saving technology.

Max House sets a new benchmark for commercial architecture in the Indian context. It moves away from the typical glass towers and creates a harmonious and sustainable environment that reflects the brand’s values.


For more info visit: https://maxestates.in/



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