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Coastal elegance house of East Wind

Coastal elegance house of East Wind


“In every corner, House of East Wind whispers stories of the past while embracing the vibrancy of today, creating an enchanting tapestry of culture and comfort.”

As the sun kisses the shores of Goa, there stands a testament to the allure of coastal living – House of East Wind, a Portuguese-styled villa nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, inviting all to bask in its warmth and charm. This captivating renovation project is more than bricks and mortar; it’s a personal oasis where timeless charm meets contemporary design, creating a space that envelops you in a sensory feast.

Our journey began with a vision, a dream to transform this villa into a haven that spoke to every heart. The client, a connoisseur of life’s pleasures, sought not just a property but an enchanting experience. Taking over the existing villa for a timeshare venture, her vision was clear – a vibrant, luxurious, and thoughtfully crafted space that would be a host-heavy haven for celebrations and get-togethers. Simultaneously, it needed to offer a relaxed retreat, keeping visitors engaged with beautiful views and the inherent beachy vibe of Goa.

The heartbeat of House of East Wind is its fusion of the past and the present, a symphony where each note is carefully curated. Bright colours dance across the interiors, inspired by the coastal beauty that surrounds the villa. Azure blues, sunny yellows, warm oranges, and earthy terracotta come together in a vibrant tapestry that infuses the space with joy and vitality. These deliberate choices are a celebration of Goa’s seaside charm, reflecting the vision to create a home that resonates with its surroundings.

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Opulence finds its place in the embrace of highly luxurious upholstery. Lush fabrics in regal hues envelop the furniture, extending an invitation to relax and unwind in an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. The furnishings are not just pieces; they are an extension of the villa’s warm embrace, inviting you to sink into moments of leisure and tranquility.

Art and artefacts within the villa are a narrative that spans time. Rustic doors, traditional Goan pottery, and vintage furniture weave tales of cultural heritage, transporting visitors to a bygone era. Yet, the story is not static. Contemporary artworks adorn the walls, inviting engagement and conversation. Each masterpiece is a portal to emotions, adding a layer of modern expression to this historical tapestry.

House of East Wind is more than a renovation project; it’s a personal journey through design, culture, and the art of living. The seamless integration of modernity with Portuguese elegance creates a space that captivates and invites users to pause and appreciate the magic that surrounds them. It is a celebration of Goa’s rich cultural heritage, adorned with contemporary flair and artistic expressions.

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