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Interior design trends

Interior design trends


Let’s set off on an exploration of a rainbow of interior design trends, from the airy charm of flowers to the mysterious allure of abstract woven. This carefully chosen collection will add a touch of modern charm and classic beauty to your living area.

vVyom by Shuchita

vVyom by Shuchita _ Design Sense

The Tripiola Collection by vVyom is an expression of designer Shuchita’s deep affinity for the symbolic archways of Jaipur’s historic temples and its regal past. The Tripiola Collection’s signature gold colour scheme pays respect to Jaipur’s regal richness and lends a feeling of luxury to interior design projects. Every piece is skillfully made, fusing traditional elements with sleek modern design. The elaborate designs and vivid hues pay homage to the diversity of cultures while fostering an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

Dialogues by Nirmals

Dialogues by Nirmals _ Design Sense

A brand-new line of premium cotton textiles called Printed Poems from Dialogues by Nirmals will liven up your interior spaces. Each is a poetic representation of artistic talent, with eye-catching patterns and vivid colours that enhance the atmosphere of any space. Printed Poems has a wide selection of designs to fit any taste and setting, whether you’re looking for a classic look that never goes out of style or a modern twist. Printed poems, which are made of premium cotton, promise a smooth texture and elegant charm that will make any space seem cosy and welcoming.

Cocoon Fine Rugs

Cocoon Fine Rugs - Desgn Sense

Simple line architecture was taken into consideration when creating the Island of Amara series by Cocoon Fine Rugs. Most of it is quite simple, linear, and abstract. Using natural handspun silk and hand-carded wool yarn, this collection is a new addition at more reasonable price points. Any space’s aesthetics will be improved by these standout pieces.

RR Decor

RR Decor _ Design Sense

Upgrade the appeal of your summertime home with RR Decor’s Konark Collection. The most exquisite and lovely themes from the collection will instantly elevate the decor of your home. Warmth is added to the interiors, and the meaning of your area is enhanced by this range of soft, simple, and rich materials. Its textures and feel are just like falling in love with your furniture—a perfect example of design wrapped in a gorgeous colour scheme. The collection is suitable for the cosier interior appearance and gives the summer area an exotic feel. It is designed with modern sensibilities and a soft and bright colour scheme.

Clarke & Clarke at Maishaa

Clarke & Clarke available at Maishaa _ Design Sense

Discover a lovely assortment of fabric qualities at Maishaa with Clarke & Clarke, including sumptuous velvets, attractive linens, cotton grounds, and exquisite jacquards. “Country Escape” creates a summery environment that invites the joy of the season into your outdoor areas by infusing your modern country-themed décor with an authentic rustic charm. Prepare to celebrate in style by putting this endearing assortment together.

 Studio by Agni

Studio by Agni _ Design Sense

With their exquisite blend of elegance and calm, these premium natural fibre rugs will elevate your summer wall decor. They exude tranquilly because of their earthy tones, which make them ideal for establishing a tranquil haven in any area. Because we are passionate about hand-tufting, every rug at Studio by Agni is created with a blend of traditional skill and cutting-edge design, producing custom carpets that raise the bar on interior design.

CC-Tapis available at Opulin

CC-Tapis available at Opulin _ Design Sense

Using only 100 percent Himalayan wool and expert hand knotting, Patricia Urquiola’s Pipeline series is proudly made by hand in Nepal. Urquiola’s digital artworks are uniquely translated into each piece, which features interconnecting tubes that emerge from the surface to create a dynamic and ever-evolving multicoloured display. The Pipeline collection is adaptable in size and provides elegance and functionality for any area.


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