Home Project Profile Luxury and bohemian aesthetics blended to create an organic residences
Luxury and bohemian aesthetics blended to create an organic residences

Luxury and bohemian aesthetics blended to create an organic residences


“The design takes care of the minute while keeping functionality at the core.”

Residences are designed to catch on to trends quickly while aligning with an overarching client brief. Each element complements the holistic theme of the space and is so perfect that it seizes its place between the pages of a magazine but falls short of feeling like a home. Instead, the nostalgia of home takes one back to the clutter, the mismatched cushions on a contrasting couch. The art pieces in different styles adorning walls because they were curated over time, and frames and rugs that might not belong in the same visual design style. Still, all of it feels a lot more like home.

The client brief for Casa Bohemia forms the basis of the design of an organic home that was uncoordinated but grounded in the bohemian style that seems incidental yet is aesthetically pleasing and an integral part of the client’s persona.

Nestled high on the 55th floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Mumbai, it becomes home for a couple and their teenage kids. The towering structure in which the four-bedroom apartment is located is clad in glass, a post-modern style of architecture. However, the clients were keen on having a space rooted in a bohemian style. The living spaces connect to the study and bedrooms through a linear corridor, demonstrating a distinct character.


Conscious of the stark contrast between the two aesthetics of the external facade and the spaces within, a smooth transition is crafted between the lift lobby and the entrance to the apartment that takes shape in the form of the living and dining space. Due to balancing the transition, the linear living room takes on a bohemian look enticed by luxury. Opulent and white, the space is a conscious curation of mismatched pieces that create a home filled with warmth and cheer. Rattan adds warmth to the alabaster tone, which subtly binds the pieces of furniture together, but not stylistically.


The design takes care of the minutiae while maintaining functionality, thereby adding to the project’s longevity. With strategic planning and curation, the financial spend on the project has been kept in check. This reiterates that a good project need not be expensive; instead, it is one that rightfully caters to the needs of the people. Before any Pinterest board or magazine, this space first belonged to its inhabitants; it was asynchronous, organic, mismatched, and aesthetically pleasing. Which is everything the clients dreamed their home would be.


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