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RR Decor’s exquisite fabric collections: Masaya and Mahaba

RR Decor’s exquisite fabric collections: Masaya and Mahaba


RR Decor is India’s premier textile design company, focusing on the originality of designs and marketing exclusive furnishing and upholstery fabrics for residential and contract interiors.

India’s top textile design firm, RR Décor, is a pioneer in weaving handloom silks and places a premium on unique designs. They create and sell high-end upholstery and furniture fabrics for commercial and home environments.

In the design section, a group of artists, designers, and stylists put their concepts into action to create RR Décor fabrics. The company’s in-depth examination of historical materials combined with contemporary idiosyncrasies is crucial during the creation process.

Most RR Décor fabric research begins at least a year in advance, focusing on more avant-garde trends from contemporary art to extreme experimentation by international design houses, who play a key role in creating our collections.

RR Decor stands out in the furniture industry for its striking hand-woven silk fabrics with original designs rooted in Indian traditions but exuding universal appeal. The brand has now launched exquisite fabric collections, Masaya and Mahaba.

The Masaya Collection is designed with modern sensibilities, a soft colour scheme and a warm material palette, making it welcoming in winter for its cosy interior look. The collection comes in numerous colourways and requires extremely low maintenance. Equipped with a minimal and resilient texture feel, the touch and design language of the collection are plush and flawless.

The Mahaba collection has a beautiful colour palette that conveys an exotic look to the space. It depicts the luxury feel into an adornment, making a solid statement with its superb finish and the striking, bold, and intriguing print that captures undivided attention.The collection features excellent quality; every piece is a testimony to RR Decor’s attention to detail and unique designs. They exhibit flawless craftsmanship and a distinctive aesthetic.


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