Home Product Profile Stone Art Paisaje line enriches outdoor living
Stone Art Paisaje line enriches outdoor living

Stone Art Paisaje line enriches outdoor living


The Paisaje series by Stone Art combines exquisite craftsmanship, exotic woods, and eye-catching textiles to create a chic and peaceful outdoor living space.

Stone Art, known for its dedication to outdoor luxury, presents Paisaje, a gorgeous line of outdoor furniture that redefines what it means to live al fresco. Paisaje, which means “landscape” in Spanish, is a term that describes fine craftsmanship and a commitment to fusing design with practicality, environmental awareness, and well-being.

Paisaje, which is made from a combination of tropical timbers and polypropylene ropes, raises the bar for both durability and beauty. Each piece embodies simple craftsmanship while providing sumptuous comfort, with high-quality wood frames and rope seats, backs, and armrests. The 100 percent solution-dyed polypropylene rope has an adaptable, soft feel that keeps out mould and dirt, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Paisaje collection’s partnership with vVyom by Shuchita, a renowned company famous for its exquisite handcrafted home textiles, is one of its highlights. Vibrant hand-painted pillows by vVyom by Shuchita give Paisaje an artistic touch, adding pops of colour to every piece and elevating the furniture’s overall appearance.

“The philosophy behind Paisaje underscores our belief that elegance is essential for beauty and life itself.” “By seamlessly blending textile comfort with the strength of high-quality wood, Paisaje not only stands out in a crowded market but also transforms outdoor spaces into havens of style and tranquilly.”

Stone Art keeps setting the standard with creative designs that enhance outdoor living and provide a welcome change from traditional outdoor furniture. The Paisaje line, which features joyously made pieces that complement garden settings and beyond, aims to reinvent outdoor experiences.

For more deatils, visit: www.stoneart.asia


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