Home Project Profile Sombre Pearl: luxurious living in the heart of Mumbai
Sombre Pearl: luxurious living in the heart of Mumbai

Sombre Pearl: luxurious living in the heart of Mumbai


“Where bold design meets timeless elegance, discover the splendour of Sombre Pearl.”

Open Atelier Mumbai presents Sombre Pearl, a luxurious 2400 sq. ft. apartment in the heart of South Mumbai. This lavish home showcases a bold and sophisticated design concept, catering to the client’s preferences. Designed for a family of six, the focus was creating a space that exudes the right energy for each occupant.

The interior design features bold forms and finishes, enveloping the home like a shell within a shell. Terraces adjoin the major rooms, providing a soothing outdoor connection. The entrance alcove sets the tone with a dynamic combination of terrazzo, rose gold, and ivory pearl, while the living room maintains a consistent backdrop with a scooped wall detail. The space is adorned with curated design pieces and incorporates natural light and fresh air from the terrace decks.

Safety and Sustainability was key consideration in the design process. Sustainable wood species and materials were used, and measures were taken to ensure fire safety and energy conservation. The dining area showcases exquisite detailing, with a Lasa White marble backdrop, a hand-crafted crockery cabinet, and a custom Slamp chandelier. The home also features unique elements like a lounge area with handmade thread art frames, a master bedroom with contemporary finishes, and a spacious master closet.

Private bedrooms for the daughter, son, and grandparents reflect their personalities. Each room is carefully designed with specific features and aesthetics, such as curvilinear grids, floral murals, and clever space optimisation. The kitchen combines elegance and efficiency with parallel cooking counters and ample storage. The grandparents’ bedroom offers a soothing all-white space with wainscoting trims and curated furniture.

The outdoor areas draw inspiration from Balinese design and provide a refreshing escape from the city. The terrace garden features a variety of plantations, climate-proof furniture, and woven canopy seating. Pastel shades, linens, and Basket-like lighting contribute to the Balinese-style decor. The outdoor spaces are designed for family gatherings and events, with dedicated areas for each adjacent bedroom.

With meticulous attention to detail and a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and global brands, Sombre Pearl seamlessly integrates with the Mumbai skyline, creating a remarkable living experience.


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