Home Project Profile Conscious luxury and nature’s embrace by Charged Voids
Conscious luxury and nature’s embrace by Charged Voids

Conscious luxury and nature’s embrace by Charged Voids


“Harmony between luxury and nature where architecture transcends boundaries.” 

Charged Voids presents a remarkable project showcasing their distinctive architectural approach, creating a powerful composition through simple yet bold strokes. This stunning 8,500-square-foot home perfectly balances public and private spaces, artfully divided across different levels while maintaining visual connections through a central area.

Inside the house, this central space becomes the heart of the design, around which the entire plan revolves. As one enters through the grand double-height doors, they are greeted by an equally grand foyer. The seamless integration of potted plants and a green wall blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Notably, the open-to-the-sky courtyard takes centre stage, adorned with two captivating bridges extending from the walls, serving as architectural and sculptural elements. These cantilevered curved bridges lend a monumental air to the interiors, exuding grandeur and acting as primary circulation routes on the first and second floors.

The three floors of the house are meticulously planned to accommodate varying functions. The ground floor encompasses common areas such as the drawing room, great room, kitchen, and guest bedroom, along with a master bedroom for the head of the family. The first floor is dedicated to private spaces, featuring three bedrooms, a sacred puja room, and a kitchen. Finally, the second floor transforms into an entertainment haven, boasting a swimming pool, open-to-sky glass deck, snooker room, and a party hall.

This exceptional project reflects Charged Voids’ exploration of creating a transcendent and spiritual character in architecture, and this magnificent home stands as a testament to their vision. It combines conscious luxury with a deep connection to nature, offering an enchanting living experience beyond compare.  


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