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Traditional Nalukettu residence in Thrissur

Traditional Nalukettu residence in Thrissur


Experience the timeless attract of Nalukettu, an intimate, historically significant, traditional Keralan home in Thrissur, Kerala.

The NALUKETTU is a 5000 square foot, traditional Keralan residence located in Thrissur, Kerala. Constructed on ancient scientific principles, the THACHU SASTHRA features a central courtyard, or nadumuttam, at the middle of the dwelling.

On a piece of property, the client had inherited from her father, this house was constructed from the ground up. The home had two stories of curving verandas, four bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen, work area, laundry, pooja room, media room, and library. It was built for a family of five, consisting of the client, her husband, their son, and her ageing parents, who were housing three generations. It’s a charming suburb near the community temple.

The main entrance, which is also known as the “PADIPPURA,” is a covered gateway that opens onto the main floor of the home. This house’s long, steep roofs, gabled windows, and tall pillars to endure the intense monsoon rains are some of its most striking features. The area is known for its exquisite combination of wood, clay, and stone. There is a veranda with meandering passageways on both sides as you enter the house, and as you reach the interior, there is a courtyard that unites all the other rooms with a splash of color and energy. Ayurvedic plants have been used to create a tiny but meaningful garden in front.

The canary yellow block printed dining chairs, the emerald green brocade cloth on the bench, the green sideboard in the dining room containing an assortment of antique keys, mirrors, and lithographs—everything in this house is luminous and exquisite. It is rare to have unrestricted access to rearrange areas, complete architectural details, and decorate. The courtyard and pooja room are two of the most beloved areas of this house. A lovely painting of Yashoda and Krishna was ordered for these spaces, and it truly captures the lovely bond between Sandhya and her son. S Suneesh is the artist who created the mural.

The color scheme of the dining room is wild. A stunning centrepiece piece made from an antique wooden cooking utensil that bears a garland of Tulsi and pink Aralipoo or Oleander from the garden, accompanied by a striking brass thali setting with lotuses and Kerala cloth napkins. walls covered in old pottery plates. The kitchen also has a connection with the color of the other rooms. The elegant backrest in the guest bedroom features old-fashioned tiles that were handcrafted in Temple Town. The elegant backrest in the guest bedroom features traditional tiles that were handcrafted in Temple Town. Aside from the main bed, which is a harmony of muted colors and maroons, there is an oil painting of the renowned Carnatic vocalist MS Suba Laxmi, which the client admires, and a peek of the 200-year-old windows that we brought in from Karaikudi.

This room also has really remarkable artwork. There is a custom in Kerala where the Ramayana is read for 30 days straight during the month of Ramamyana. The designer happened upon a copy of Thunchathu Eshuthachan’s “Adhyatma Ramayanam Kilipatu,” which is credited with founding Malayalam. This served as an attractive backdrop for the colonial bed and an appropriate homage to her heritage. The son’s room included a lovely pichwai-style artwork and a four-poster bed with traditional Kerala spindles.

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